History of the Genepop Web Project

The primary purpose of the original DOS based software is to compute exact tests for the following :

In addition, the software computes estimates of classical population parameters, including: The package also has some ecumenical utilities which convert the input GENEPOP format files to formats used by other statistical packages such as LinkDos, FSTAT, MONTY, BIOSYS, and ANOVA file for heterozygosity.
The program LinkDos is also provided with Genepop, and we have also included it here.

This Internet version was originally developed in late 1996 as a joint project between the School of Biomedical Sciences and the School of Computing at Curtin University of Technology. The primary development team consisted of four 3rd year computer science students under the guidance of Andrew Marriot (Dept of Computer Science) as a Computer Graphics Imagery 352 project. Co-supervisor for the project was Associate Professor John Wetherall (School of Biomedical Sciences).
The original development team consisted of :

Subsequent web page design and programming modifications :
Late in 1998, funding was obtained to improve the Genepop web site. The original version implemented Genepop v3.1b options 4 & 5 only, plus the LinkDos program. The web version is currently being upgraded to include all options of the Genepop program (v3.1c):
Also during 1998-9, a few bugs in the web version were discovered (often from international users of the web version - Thanks!) and resolved. The web version now allows spaces to appear in identifier names (see Input/Output help file) and allows loci names to appear on one line if separated by spaces. Improvements have been made to the output page for Option 1 (Allele Frequencies, etc). This module now includes summary tables for each population (all loci for that population) and for each locus (all populations for that locus) as part of the output file. Summary info includes :


In September 2009, the web implementation was modified to use a direct compilation from the latest version of Genepop (4.0.10) provided by Professor Francois Rousset.

Any problems or questions should be directed to Eleanor Morgan at e.morgan@curtin.edu.au
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