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Please cite the original authors of LinkDos: P. Garnier-Gere and C. Dillmann. J. Heredity 83:239, 1992
For details of the analysis, refer to W.C. Black and E.S. Krafsur. Theor Appl Genet 70:491-496, 1985.
Current executable program is LinkC - a C++ implementation of the original LinkDos program that has been kindly provided by Peter Fields.

Please select the option you want :
Remember to enter a significance level if you choose a LD computation
LD Computation subpop/subpop
LD Computation in all subpopulations

Significance Level (eg 0.01, 0.05, 0.1)
Ohta Variance Analysis
Intrasubpopulation Allele Frequencies Table

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Please indicate whether data file has 2-Digit or 3-Digit alleles

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3-Digit Alleles (000 - 999)

Choose a datafile (saved as text only) to upload or paste the datafile into the text window provided.

Maximum number of populations = 100
Maximum number of loci = 100
Maximum allele size = 999


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