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Data Format Conversion
Convert data file from :
1. GENEPOP format ==> FSTAT (F statistics) format
2. GENEPOP format ==> BIOSYS (letter code) format
3. GENEPOP format ==> BIOSYS (number code) format
4. GENEPOP format ==> LINKDOS (D statistics) format
5. GENEPOP format ==> ARLEQUIN project (check properties below)
Arlequin project data properties (see help file)  
Genotypic data
Recessive (null) allele present?
Gametic Phase
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HTML - Plain Text
Data Input
Please indicate whether data file has 2-Digit or 3-Digit alleles

2-Digit Alleles (00 - 99)

3-Digit Alleles (000 - 999)

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